Found this elegant dancer on one of my shopping trips downtown.


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Happy Anniversary to me!

To just doing it!

I am honestly amazed that I have been blogging for year today. At first the idea of sketching and posting regularly scared me. But with much encouragement from you my fellow bloggers, I have reached a very important milestone. To celebrate here are twelve of my favorite posts. Thank you for tuning in.


Shapes of Women: Traveller

Indulge in this brilliant collaborative series that is curated by the talented

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BonsallesArt_SoulTraveller ‘Soul Traveller’ by Bonsalles Art

“I need to travel to keep from dying of boredom from my own internal monologue. I think that, generally, most of us have a total of about twenty thoughts. And we just scroll through those thoughts, over and over again, in varying order, all day every day. Maybe your twenty are much more interesting than this, but mine include: “I should call my mom.” “Am I any good at my job?” “Why do I still get neck acne?” “Why don’t I either call my mom or not call my mom but stop wasting energy on feeling guilty if I doesn’t call her?” Et cetera.

Now, if I don’t leave town, that’s it. Those are my thoughts. That’s what I’ve got to keep me warm at night. And [boy] does that get boring.

When you travel you’re forced to have new thoughts. “Is this alley safe?”…

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Yes to everything 1.5

A year ago I watched Shonda Rhimes give TED talk about saying yes to everything. It was a great talk but I must say I was not on board with this idea. The every thought that I may say yes to things that were scary was my main reason for this hesitation. I did however take on the challenge but even without fully committing to it yielded good results. Most notably taking part in a group exhibition. I am continuing with this idea moving forward and this time fully committing to it. Stay tuned.