Just Keeping it Simple

A big part of keeping life simple is focusing on the present and not worrying about the things that are out my control. I just rounded up my first group exhibition this past weekend following this practice. By trusting my instincts, producing and unabashedly displaying my art I succeeded in meeting what at first seemed like an insurmountable goal. And on to the next.

image 4122018c



As his vision came into focus so did the black patterns on his white pillow. It was entirely covered by curvy thin lines. He used his finger to trace the outlines only to find that they moved. He tried to pick one up and he was able to do so. He held it closer and realized that it was his hair that he held in his hand and that he wasn’t dreaming.

‘Steve, are you up? his sister asked as she peered into the room. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

‘Steve?’ she sounded closer now. He opened his eyes to find her standing directly over him.

‘Oh my God’, I asked you to cut this hair off before it ended up everywhere, ‘ She was livid. She started to reprimand him then stopped when she saw the fear and despair in his eyes. She then climbed in bed with him, lay her head on the pillow and cuddled him as tears run down his face.

fragile 2

If you know who this artist is kindly let me know.