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Image- by me

Story – Smell the coffee

Visionary- Live life, make meaning


Strangers masked as friends gather by my grave; hope it makes them feel better. Drawing by Bonsalles (pen on paper) Story by Vivian Zems

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Hills on Fire

The last few days in this place that I love so much has been ablaze. Like a scene right out of a superhero summer blockbuster the flames are making their way down the hills consuming everything in their path. And in Tinseltown too, the irony is not lost on any of us. As end looms over us we go about shopping for our groceries, going out to dinner with friends, celebrating birthdays and spending a day at the beach. We are no longer impressed or afraid. We, the inhabitants of this town live everyday above the earth’s rumblings waiting for ‘the big one.’ So nothing will scare us. It may seem like we are crazy or numb, but we understand that there is only so much that is within our control. It is not the first time we have been devastated and it won’t be the last. Life is meant to be savored.




Taste is a very personal thing. We can have endless debates on what is good or bad taste.  There are so many variables involved. The age of the person, the venue, the fit of garment as well as cultural and religious beliefs. These rules are created by those who have the platform and the influence. To be fair they are just opinions, yet they compel the masses to spend ridiculous amounts on fads. I think fashion should express your personality, mood and interests. It is unfortunate that often we are afraid to do so because others may frown on our choices. Individual style should be what we aspire to. It is personal, expressive and genuine.



Sweet Tooth

We are only seven days into the season and I have already had my first sugar overload. To be fair I am a sugarholic. Yes,  addicted to sugar. I have a sweet tooth and a mouthful of metal to mark the casualties in the ongoing fight against it. I once asked my dentist while he was busy poking around to remove my sweet tooth. He didn’t think that was funny. A lecture on the ills of sugar and the importance of flossing daily immediately followed. Once again as I walk through the valley lined with candy canes, peppermint bark and milk chocolate snowmen, I resolve to do better this year. But just in case I will set up my next appointment.



Feisty Bunch

I run among a feisty bunch. The passionate, strong minded, take no nonsense women that surround me. Some family and some friends. Coming from a place that both culturally and religiously exalts the virtues of remaining silent and meek when under duress. Allowing atrocities to go unmentioned. Abuses to go unchallenged. Perpetrators to go unpunished. We are known as the wild ones. The ones that challenge the status quo. The ones who are able to distinguish between traditions and bondage. We are enlightened. They call us feisty as if to insult us. But it only inspires to keep pushing forward. Every defeat fuels us and every victory emboldens us.

end of days


It’s that time of the year

Every year I spend the holidays with family in the Midwest. It is always a shock to the body when you go from 80 degrees to 30 degrees in a span of five hours. As much as I appreciate the sun all year round in my new home, cold weather and Christmas really resonate with me. When it snows it is so quiet outside you can hear a pin drop. Outside everything is covered in white and lights sparkle from trees and rooftops while we all huddle inside reminiscing about the year that is coming to an end. It is a time filled with gratitude and excitement of a new beginning. It is one of my favorite times of the year.