Fairies girls, not elephants

When I was in primary school my father signed me up for every after school activity available. He abhorred the idea of me lollygagging with my cohorts. It is something I was grateful for only many years later. I remember standing in my very first ballet class in a pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes that pinched like hell. As we followed the teacher in the various movements she came around and critiqued our efforts. The smirk on her face as she approached me was a dead giveaway that I was not doing so well. ‘Ungraceful’. That was her remark. It upset me so much I wanted to quit but my father would not allow it. Having no choice I decided to make the most of it, enjoying every class while ignoring her displeasure whenever her eyes rested on me. My friends and I snickered every time she yelled ‘Fairies girls, not elephants’. Well who said elephants can’t be graceful?



Between THICK and thin

As my girlfriends and I sat in an African themed restaurant in the heart of picturesque Laguna Beach this past weekend; our conversation turned to the great summer slim down. For those unaware of this phenomenon, it the period of time when those who have once again forgotten that there are only five months between parkas and bikinis engage in an insane and desperate effort to shed the weight. Then somehow the conversation took a sharp right into the case of African tribes that seclude and fatten brides for weddings, a topic that horrified most. I volunteered that I thought it was refreshing that not everyone regarded slenderness as the epitome of beauty. All this as I chomped on my salmon caesar salad.