A Celebration of WOMAN

I am very excited to be taking part in my last group exhibition of the year and hopefully one of many more to come. I wanted to explore the many different faces of a woman by acknowledging her the complexity and uniqueness. Here is an exclusive sneak peek.20181031_090349

Head scarfs

My father has always been the natural hair guy. He always appreciated it in its most natural form, free of extensions, attachments and chemicals. A simple afro or a lovely headscarf met with great approval. My mom once told me how he tried to get her to wear a headscarf when they were first married. We both scoffed at it. After-all we were independent women. No one told us when to cover our hair. The truth is that my mother has such amazing cheekbones that head coverings only accentuate them. Face 1 low res2

I am not my hair or am I?

A couple of weeks ago I participated in wonderful event known as Headwarps in the Park. It brought vendors, artists, musicians and mostly natural beauty enthusiasts together resulting a very vibrant atmosphere. This whole event was built around the practice of African women warping their heads.  The recent resurgence of the appreciation of natural African beauty, fashion and music greatly influenced this event. Preparing for that event had me thinking a lot about hair and head coverings. How the way we choose to wear our hair seems to impact us and others in so many different ways. The next few weeks will feature sketches and stories that explore this idea.