Doodle: Morning Dance

I have this colleague, who in my mind bounces out of bed at the crack of dawn, chants an affirmation and hums a happy tune while getting ready for the work day. I on the other hand, crawl out and bully myself into mustering the least amount of effort it takes to get going. We both love our jobs, but my expression of this love is quite muted to say the least. So as I sneak into the office knowing he already has a twenty minutes head start, I avoid contact. I just need a moment to recalibrate this day. He respectfully waits sixteen minutes before he saunters out in the common area to wish me a top of the morning. Which is acknowledged with a nod. He says he determined to make me a morning person. ‘But why?’ I ask him. ‘Can’t we just approach this day differently?’ He his not deterred. He said he will try again tomorrow. And so we will do this morning dance again.

Doodle : Focus

I have been reading, okay listening to this book ‘The One Thing by Gary Keller’. It has really changed my perspective on multi-tasking and making substantial gains in my creative work. With so many projects in the pipeline and new ‘brilliant’ ideas constantly circulating in my head waiting for a place to land, I have had to accept that I cannot do it all. I am learning to limit or shut off all these distractions. Some days are better than others. My creative one thing right now is to doodle daily. What is yours?

Our hair

Over ten years ago I chose to stop applying straightening chemicals to my hair. I am not sure if it’s because my father constantly told me that the lye in the products was slowing cooking my brains or if I was just tired of the constant upkeep. I started to wear my hair in its natural state. I was surprised by how much people had to say about that.  Some said that they admired my bravery. Some viewed it as a sign of financial hardship. Yet others thought I was being rebellious. Suddenly I was confronted with a reality that how I wore my hair meant something to a lot of people and none of them really cared if their assumptions were inaccurate. They all had a stake yet none of they contributed to the upkeep of this ‘community hair’.  That is how a personal choice become a social or even political statement.


Just Hair

“It takes three years Natasha’s natural hair to grow in fully. She doesn’t do it to make a political statement. In fact, she liked having her hair straight. In the future, she may like it straight again. She does it because she wants to try something new. She does it simply because it looks beautiful.” ― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star