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It is always a pleasure to collaborate with very talented artists.

Image- by me

Story – Smell the coffee

Visionary- Live life, make meaning


Strangers masked as friends gather by my grave; hope it makes them feel better. Drawing by Bonsalles (pen on paper) Story by Vivian Zems

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It’s that time of the year

Every year I spend the holidays with family in the Midwest. It is always a shock to the body when you go from 80 degrees to 30 degrees in a span of five hours. As much as I appreciate the sun all year round in my new home, cold weather and Christmas really resonate with me. When it snows it is so quiet outside you can hear a pin drop. Outside everything is covered in white and lights sparkle from trees and rooftops while we all huddle inside reminiscing about the year that is coming to an end. It is a time filled with gratitude and excitement of a new beginning. It is one of my favorite times of the year.







Yesterday morning we gathered outside the office in awe as we watched the sky slowly turn orange. The air was thick with the smell of smoke and ashes started to rain down on everything. All this from the canyon fires that had engulfed the dry hills thirty miles away. At some point the air got so thick with smoke that an air that we could no longer see the sky. There we were helpless against the elements. The Santa Ana winds continued to fuel the untameable fires for hours and as the sun went down possessions so many had worked so hard for were reduced to ashes. Today the notorious winds have shown us a little mercy. We wait…….





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Renaissance Man

My grandfather was brilliant man. He would often visit us when he was in the city peddling his newest invention. He was a very handsome and charming man. A great talker and sharp dresser. He wore  a dark suit and tie under a black trench coat with a black hat. He also carried a umbrella and a dusty old briefcase. We would gather around him to see what he had brought us that day. He had a sample of his latest invention and right next to it he would have a small bunch of bananas or apples from his wonderful garden. While we enjoyed the fruit he would explain how it worked. I think he was much ahead of his time and not as treasured as he should have been. He would have really have enjoyed all the technological advancements of this last decade.



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The End of Feeling

I am concerned. Concerned that I am becoming immune and that my outrage is shrinking daily from all the death and destruction around us. I find myself having to dig deeper each time to feel something. Fear, sympathy or anger. How far am I from feeling nothing at all? And how will I know when I get there?







Family Circle

Another fun collaboration.


JugglersOfChaos_byBonsalles_onPaintPoemsBlog Jugglers of Chaos by Bonsalles Art

My aunts clucked when we got too skinny,
jeered when we got too meaty,
yet fed us the same, always enough.
One hand gave, the other measured.
“How’s school? Are you still friends with that girl?”
My aunts, redeemers of knocked-up nieces,
menders of broken wives, wranglers of wandering families.

I saw them as meddlers.
I see now they were jugglers of chaos.

Drawing by Bonsalles (pen on paper)
Poem by Kijo

3D Creative Flow:
word prompt (meddle) – > poem – > drawing

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On bended knee

The sight of men standing or kneeling in solidarity to protest the injustice and abuse of their fellow brethren should be a moment of pride. As always there are those who simplify this action to show of disrespect. Well, is the flag and anthem above protest? They both for stand and applaud freedom from injustice and oppression. This action has forced some to squarely face the imperfections of the place they are so proud to call home. And this is always a painful thing. Others feel that tainting the enjoyment of a most American sport with what they consider racial issues is going too far. Regardless of the motivation behind it they are really protesting a protest. This is the most American thing you can do. This is what makes America great.

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The Climb

Another collaboration with my favorite poet.


TreeOfLife_byBonsalles_onPaintPoemsBlog Tree of Life by Bonsalles Art

The trees know something,
living in light, rooting in darkness.

Let us climb their trunks
to vault the clouds.

Let us swim the space
where it’s always sunny.

Then let’s sink back
to where it all starts and restarts.

Painting by Bonsalles (acrylics on canvas)
Poem by Kijo

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The end of summer

There is something about knowing that the summer is coming to an end that makes you want to get it all in. Everyone is trying to squeeze in last minute barbecues, pool parties, outdoor concerts and days at the beach. Living in California doesn’t make it less of a frenzy. Soon it will cool ever so slightly and we will pull out our light weight jackets while complaining about a five degree drop in the temperature. Yes we are spoiled and no one will deny it. But summer and all its  gaiety, permissiveness and fleeting pleasures must come to an end. Here’s to the end of summer.