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It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn’t work?
Ah, but what if it does.


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I was content
Then I was content with my contentment
And then when I thought I couldn’t be more content I was
Then I read a book on how to be even more content
And I realized I hadn’t reached the pinnacle of contentment
Then I wasn’t content anymore


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Yes to everything 1.5

A year ago I watched Shonda Rhimes give TED talk about saying yes to everything. It was a great talk but I must say I was not on board with this idea. The every thought that I may say yes to things that were scary was my main reason for this hesitation. I did however take on the challenge but even without fully committing to it yielded good results. Most notably taking part in a group exhibition. I am continuing with this idea moving forward and this time fully committing to it. Stay tuned.


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drunk descending a staircase, in high heels



skipped steps
in your descent

lost time

oops, oh
there you go

he’s alright
she’s alright

we’re all alright
but down you come

down we
all come


Inspired by Kijo from