The end of summer

There is something about knowing that the summer is coming to an end that makes you want to get it all in. Everyone is trying to squeeze in last minute barbecues, pool parties, outdoor concerts and days at the beach. Living in California doesn’t make it less of a frenzy. Soon it will cool ever so slightly and we will pull out our light weight jackets while complaining about a five degree drop in the temperature. Yes we are spoiled and no one will deny it. But summer and all its  gaiety, permissiveness and fleeting pleasures must come to an end. Here’s to the end of summer.



Mr Darcy

I enjoy period romances. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was in primary school and immediately fell in love with this type of genre. The lace, frills, ribbons, bonnets and fans were all so alluring to me. Then there were the tea parties, walks in the country and the balls where you danced the night away with handsome gentlemen. Finally Mr Darcy. Tall, dark, handsome and aloof. I was enamored by him. I have watched almost every film adaptation of this classic novel and compare how he has been portrayed. Now I wonder how I found this brash, brooding and distant character so appealing.





There is has been quite a bit said about the power of attraction. I was skeptical when I first encountered this ideology. It was presented by renown life coaches and gurus accompanied by mysterious and magical undertones. However I decided to implement the actionable aspects to see what would happen. Quite a few of the goals I had visualized were met and even exceeded.  I believe most of it had to do being more focused and intentional in my daily habits. I don’t believe there is anything new about the ideas presented there but it helps to be reminded of what it takes to get what you want. And a little positive energy doesn’t hurt either.




Easy Day

Every once in a while you have one of those days where everything seems flow. You wake up early, refreshed and full of energy.  You are positive and determined to get things done. Then you get everywhere you need to be either early or on time. Everyone you encounter on your path is pleasant and helpful. Sometimes you get a bonus. An unexpected discount on purchase, a surprise phone call from a long lost friend or you meet just the person who can help you meet your careers goals. Though the  infrequency of such days is what makes them special I wish I had them more often. Hope you have one soon!




The power of NO

For a long time I was a people-pleaser. Going out of my way to accommodate others no matter what it cost me. Putting my own desires and goals on the back burner so as to assist and advance the causes of those I loved. I felt obligated to do things for them even when it was unreasonable. More than often if gratitude was expressed did not measure up to the inconvenience endured. Yet I felt like I had no choice in the matter. Then one day I said ‘No’. Well not initially. At first I used excuses and avoidance to free myself from these situations. And when I could no longer ignore the visceral feelings inside that said it was enough.  I said it. I no longer needed a reason to say no. I was free, I am free.




Battle Scars

I was five years old when saw a lot of blood for the first time. My parents had rented an upstairs unit in a large compound owned by my aunt where I spent most of my time with my cousins, all boys ranging in age from twelve to five. Needless to say we spent most of our days engaged in mischievous and dangerous pursuits. One particular day our mission was to find and exterminate the huge rat that ran rampant around the compound. We finally had him cornered when my eldest cousin raised the broom in an attempt to crush him. Unbeknownst to him I was in the direct path of his swing. With as much force as he could muster he swung back and caught me in the right side of my face just above my eye. I remember a dull pain, falling backwards and everything going black. I awoke to screams and blood oozing from my forehead running down into my eyes, from my mouth and even my ears. I was probably in shock for I did not cry once. My cousins ran around in a state of panic blaming each other.  They knew there would be hell to pay for this accident. My mother rushed me to the hospital where I remember sitting in the doctor’s office while he covered the stitches with an eye patch. He said I was going to be pirate for two weeks.  I was forbidden from playing with the boys but that latest for only a couple of days and .  I saw the admiration in their eyes as they fussed over my scar and I have never felt more included. I still have a gap in my eyebrow, I call it my battle scar. I don’t remember what happened that pesky rat.




In the shadow

This past weekend I traveled to support a friend who hosts an event that gives to charitable causes. I also made a creative investment in which unfortunately I ended up losing monetarily. Truly everything that could go wrong did. When my friend saw me the next morning she tearfully hugged me, later explaining that several participants had pulled out the last minute leaving her in a lurch. At that moment any losses on my part were eclipsed by the amount of  gratitude she showed me.

solar eclipse
the solar eclipse


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Creative Flow

I had lived in my new apartment for eight months before I put the first seedling in the ground.  The soil was unhealthy and needed a lot of work to make it habitable. I remember my neighbors giving me sideway glances as I toiled into the late evenings, probably wondering why I would put so much work into a space I did not own. What they did not know is that in spite of the challenge I was determined to be surrounded by beauty. Given my history with soil even I am impressed by the results. Apparently I have a green thumb. Who would have thought?

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