Things that make you go URGH!

I just saw case in the news where a man was arrested for ‘disobeying’ instructions given by a police officer. I thought, okay what exactly was he asked to do? He was arrested because he would not move his car out of the way for the emergency vehicles. And he couldn’t because he was scooping blood out of the throat of a woman who lay dying after a horrific car accident. In spite of the untimely request. He was able to hand his keys to bystander to move it for him. But this was not enough, he is still facing charges for obstruction of an officer. He is being punished for delayed the response. One would think that under the circumstances he would get a pass. It appears justice is not only blind but can also be dim.



When things fall apart

After so many years of sewing I do not underestimate the usefulness of first holding things together temporarily. As life would have it when you think you have everything under control you get thrown for a loop. I have learnt that if we can just hold it together for a little while we will make it through.




Still Waters

Sometimes people who are quiet are mistaken for being dull and dim. Other times they are eyed with suspicion. There must be something going on in that head and it must be sinister we say to ourselves. And we may be right but maybe in a world where most feel the need to be heard, they choose to stay silent. They do not feel the need to contribute to the noise. To be fair most often it is just noise. Surely someone has to listen and contemplate while the rest of us are yapping away.



Virtual Home

In just a few years I will have lived here longer than I did in the country of my birth and with every passing year I feel more and more out of touch with it. I have this visual of the path behind me eroding with every step I take forward. It is not something I grapple with, but it does sadden me a little. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a thriving African Diaspora and that helps. When we get together we conjure up this virtual home. A fuzzy place made up of nostalgia and melancholy. A place where we came from but that has also changed so much in our absence that we feel we no longer belong.



On Dreaming

Hello my name is Bonsalles and I am a TV show binge-watcher. I know I could be doing more important things with my life but after a few failed attempts at detox I am back on with this show called Falling Water. And it is so worth it. No spoiler alert here. The story line is about strangers who have connections in their dreams. I have always been curious about the meaning of dreams so now imagine that you are sharing dreams with a person you have never met. To make it more interesting that the answers to some of the nagging questions in your life maybe be found in these common dreams. I can’t say any more. You will have to tune in. Today’s sketch was inspired by this idea.


prompts- bewildered


I remember being in school when the teacher was taking the roll call and how we responded depending on how we each felt that day. There was always that student who was answered with so much enthusiasm that rest of us groaned. For most of us school was something we had to endure. Recess interrupted by learning. This had me thinking about how much I am present for my life daily. How often I do really live in the here and now? There are so many mundane moments and life is mostly made up of them. Somehow we must find meaning in them. And only then will we become fully present.

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