Doodle : Focus

I have been reading, okay listening to this book ‘The One Thing by Gary Keller’. It has really changed my perspective on multi-tasking and making substantial gains in my creative work. With so many projects in the pipeline and new ‘brilliant’ ideas constantly circulating in my head waiting for a place to land, I have had to accept that I cannot do it all. I am learning to limit or shut off all these distractions. Some days are better than others. My creative one thing right now is to doodle daily. What is yours?

New Year Thank God

I used to make new year’s resolutions every December. My dad was big on getting us all together sometime during the Christmas vacation for an informal accounting of the year and setting of new goals. Initially this was an exciting process and I had quite a list of resolutions. As the years went by, the practical goals went from ‘lose twenty pounds’ to ‘don’t gain any weight’. Then as the enthusiasm faded, we all got quite philosophical and came with goals like ‘Focus’ and ‘Live a life of gratitude’. And even though it all sounded quite profound, it was just a way to escape being pinned down on specific goals, on my part anyway. So as I sat in my mother’s living room watching the luck luster New Year’s festivities on the eve 2021, I wondered if I should even bother to make any. Just the very act of sitting there to watch the ball drop with my entire family intact, felt like an accomplishment in itself. It would have felt greedy to ask for even one thing. So I didn’t. I was just grateful. However a few weeks later I couldn’t resist. So there it is:

‘Live a life of gratitude and lose the twenty pounds I gained during quarantine.’

I don’t think it is too much to ask.