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Sweet Rebellion

I peered at them through the window as they jumped around barefoot in the muddy puddles, shrieking in delight. I was warm, clean and dry inside where we had been told to remain. I feared for the punishment they would have to endure later when they were found out. When it had started to rain they had abandoned their chores and scurried outside. I had tried to reason with them but they had ignored me. Now as I watched them, I longed to join them. I wanted to be good, but I also wanted to join them. So finally I kicked off my slippers and ran outside where we played until we were drenched and exhausted.

It was marvelous.


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The Match

It was a slow day at my new job, so I had one eye on the monitor and the other on my phone. I thought it was a good time as any to see if there were any new prospects. I started swiping left and right but really more left than right. Soon I got the notice I had been hoping for. I had a match and before I could even look him up he sent a message. Thank goodness I thought as I checked out his profile which was summed up in just two lines and some fuzzy photos. It was accompanied by sweet compliment and a request to connect so I decided,  why not? After a few messages back and forth we agree to meet for a drink downtown by the pier. I was excited but also a little nervous as I dressed up for the date trying to balance chicness and comfort. After a brief drive I met him at the entrance of restaurant. We stood for a moment sizing each other up. I now understood why he had only posted photos taken from above the waist. His cardigan stretched a little too snugly around his rotund waist. As if he read my mind he remarked in an amused tone that I was a lot skinnier in person. ‘I prefer big girls’ he said as he held the door open. I opened my mouth retort but instead I giggled and stepped inside. Surely one drink couldn’t hurt.




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Ms Jackson

This this past Sunday a friend offered me an extra ticket she had for the Janet Jackson State of the World Tour. I attend a lot of free concerts all summer so I am usually not inclined to pay for a concert unless it is an artist I really like. We planned to meet at the venue. Then everything that could go wrong a few hours before did. My phone which I thought was charging all night but really wasn’t died as I maneuvered through the horrible Hollywood traffic. Unfortunately we had not yet decided on an exact meeting spot so I quickly plugged it into my car phone charger hoping to send her a quick message. The charger would not work for anything. Once there I found that had to park a mile away and walk up the hill in the wrong shoes to avoid inflated parking prices.  Finally inside the venue I positioned myself by the box office hoping against hope that my friend would see me in the melee of people. There I stood  in the middle of it all frantically looking around for her. Hallelujah! She spotted me. The warm evening weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and Janet, she was exceptional.


ms jackson


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A State of Denial

At times not acknowledging something or a situation is the only way to take the next step forward. Acceptance can cause paralysis. Off-course this sort of self-deception only carries us so far. It is often said that acceptance is the first step. Sometimes denial is the only way to keep going.



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Ostrich Baby

Once upon a time in there woman who had been married for sometime to a young man from a neighboring village. She was having some major fertility issues which was not an excuse that the parents of the young man thought was valid. She was very close to being put out. She would cry every night and every morning on her way to fetch water.  She would stop at the gigantic sacred Mugumo tree and offer up a prayer. The other women in the village would tease and mock her daily. One morning on her way back from fetching water she heard the cries of an infant. She quickly put down her water pot and searched the grass the lined the path. It wasn’t long before she found a tiny baby nestled in the broken shells of a large ostrich egg. She picked the baby up and at hightailed it home leaving her water pot by the road side. When her husband came home that evening she presented him with the baby telling him that God had answered her prayers. He was relieved that his family would stop harassing him and that he would not have to get back to the dating scene. They hid the baby until they could no longer do so and when the villagers asked whose baby that was they owned up to it offering no explanation as to where she came from. The villagers did not press the matter as long as all the other babies in the village were accounted for.





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On bended knee

The sight of men standing or kneeling in solidarity to protest the injustice and abuse of their fellow brethren should be a moment of pride. As always there are those who simplify this action to show of disrespect. Well, is the flag and anthem above protest? They both for stand and applaud freedom from injustice and oppression. This action has forced some to squarely face the imperfections of the place they are so proud to call home. And this is always a painful thing. Others feel that tainting the enjoyment of a most American sport with what they consider racial issues is going too far. Regardless of the motivation behind it they are really protesting a protest. This is the most American thing you can do. This is what makes America great.

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A view from above

This weekend I had the pleasure of showing some friends the sights of Southern California. I took them to places I frequent all the time and others that are must see for anyone visiting for the first time. The Griffith Observatory is one of those sights. We braved the infamous Los Angeles traffic then took a short hike up to top of the hill where the observatory is located. And it was well worth it for we were greeted by an magnificent view of Los Angeles. My friend said that it was amazing that all those tiny lights represented at least one person. It reminded me of how small our lives are in comparison to the vastness of what it out there and that is just the part we can see with our naked eyes. A humbling thought indeed.





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A Mighty Calm

The ocean tops the list of all the things that amaze and intrigue me. How it it seems to lie quietly beside us seemingly harmless. Vast and endless. Its power and might cloaked in calm. Then when it is disturbed it possesses a force we cannot fathom. Unleashing fury as it weaves a path of destruction. And when it is all done and after we pick ourselves up yet again,  we frolic,  feet in the sand all being forgiven and forgotten.





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The Way Home

I am sure you have heard of the story of Kariuki and Shiru two children whose parents were farmers during a major famine in Kiambu. They had the misfortune of having a step mother who wasn’t very fond of them. As the story goes she convinced her reluctant husband to abandon them in the forest so they would have enough to eat. And after putting up not much of a fight he agreed. Unbeknownst to them Kariuki overheard this conversation and thought ‘that b**ch.’ He decided there and then that he wasn’t going to be dumped in the forest to starve to death so left a trail of crumbs of doma (arrowroot) on the way to the forest so he and his sister could find their way back home. Not a great plan since they were eaten by animals. Then these poor children end up being lured by a witch who intends to trap, fatten and eat them at some point. They manage to trick her into falling into the fire and return home with a fortune to find their father is now a widow and pining after them.

inspired by Hansel and Gretel by Jacob Ludwig Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm