Doodle: Conform


Some of us are internally conflicted about restrictions placed on our very freedoms. Indeed it has been an assault on ideologies that fundamental to the founding of this place. All in the name of safety and preservation of life. Have we given up too much? It is yet to be seen.

Doodle: Open


So most things are opening very soon here. We are supposed to be more free to do things we haven’t done for a whole year, but still take as many precautions. We are being coaxed out of the deep holes we burrowed ourselves into for safety. ‘Come out and get some sunshine’ they say. We may very well have forgotten how.

Doodle : If you can’t stand the heat


I chose to live close to the beach because I love it and it was supposed to be cooler. Then I found this amazing apartment without central air conditioning but my landlord said it would be fine. ‘Ocean breeze’ he said in an effort to quell my fears. This past weekend I almost succumbed to the first heat wave. Well maybe I am being a little dramatic, by that I mean I just lay on the couch and binge watched movies while being blasted by two cheap drug store box fans. It was just too hot to move.

So where is this ocean breeze I was promised?