This too shall pass

My mother always says ‘this too shall pass’. When you have lived a life that has been been littered with devastating losses you know this fully well and you are grateful for it. I only wish the blissful moments would linger just a little bit longer.





Great Expectations

If there is one thing I dreaded about my entire pre-university school experience it was the yearly school report. Every December just before my favorite holiday season I had this hanging over my head. I was anxious for weeks. We were expected to deliver a sealed envelope to our parents. We would hold them up to the light trying to see if we could read our fate. The contents of the report would determine whether you spent your vacation outside playing or indoors reading.  Academic excellent was very priced possession in my household as it is in many. I was a mediocre performer so I was never confident about the outcome. My parents constantly assured me that I had the potential to do better, but I often fell short of their expectations. My one saving grace was that I excelled at art so it was not a total disaster. Fortunately my parents did not believe that good grades alone would determine my success in life. Even now as an adult it still surprises me how parental approval can cause me to question if I am really on the right course.


Great Expectations