Walls and Study Halls

The idea of spending hours absorbing and memorizing information for the sole purpose of testing still makes me shudder. I got my start very early in my teen years when I was admitted to a boarding school whose sole purpose was to produce the university candidates with highest scores in the national exam. Wake, study, eat, study, learn, eat, learn, study, you get the point. It was a study bootcamp. There was very little time for recreation of any sort and it was so regimented. The desired results were achieved. Our school was always in the top three. Most of us went on to the top universities locally and around the world and excelled in our chosen fields. But there was a price to pay for this. We missed out on other important things, those that cannot be learned from behind walls and in study halls. We have spent our lives so far trying catch up.

the trees have eyes

prompts- study

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