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Adinkra and the Law of Attraction

About a month ago a friend and great supporter of my creative endeavors sent me a image of body paint art asking if I had considered it. I thought about it for a second than immediately dismissed it. Approximately a month after that I was at a party where I overhead a friend sharing with another friend who is a photographer, about how she was dreamed of doing a body paint photo shoot and was looking for an artist. My ears perked up and I went over to offer my services. She explained how wanted her body covered with west African symbols known as Adinkra for they held deep spiritual meaning for her. This last Sunday with as little effort as possible everything fell together seamlessly as three women gathered in our makeshift hotel studio to fulfill this dream. It was truly a spiritual experience. I believe that had it not been for my friend I would have missed this opportunity. So yesterday I sent a quick note to thank him for attracting this wonderful thing into my life.

tree of life
Nyame Dua-Gods Tree (God’s presence and protection)

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