Ms Jackson

This this past Sunday a friend offered me an extra ticket she had for the Janet Jackson State of the World Tour. I attend a lot of free concerts all summer so I am usually not inclined to pay for a concert unless it is an artist I really like. We planned to meet at the venue. Then everything that could go wrong a few hours before did. My phone which I thought was charging all night but really wasn’t died as I maneuvered through the horrible Hollywood traffic. Unfortunately we had not yet decided on an exact meeting spot so I quickly plugged it into my car phone charger hoping to send her a quick message. The charger would not work for anything. Once there I found that had to park a mile away and walk up the hill in the wrong shoes to avoid inflated parking prices.  Finally inside the venue I positioned myself by the box office hoping against hope that my friend would see me in the melee of people. There I stood  in the middle of it all frantically looking around for her. Hallelujah! She spotted me. The warm evening weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and Janet, she was exceptional.


ms jackson


prompts- exceptional


  1. I know those days – but it all came around in the end.

    “…maneuvered through the horrible Hollywood traffic”

    “hoping against hope that my friend would see me in the melee of people”

    some great melody, word choice and description

    i feel it

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