Mr Darcy

I enjoy period romances. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was in primary school and immediately fell in love with this type of genre. The lace, frills, ribbons, bonnets and fans were all so alluring to me. Then there were the tea parties, walks in the country and the balls where you danced the night away with handsome gentlemen. Finally Mr Darcy. Tall, dark, handsome and aloof. I was enamored by him. I have watched almost every film adaptation of this classic novel and compare how he has been portrayed. Now I wonder how I found this brash, brooding and distant character so appealing.





6 thoughts on “Mr Darcy

    1. I’m partial to Sense & Sensibility’s Colonel Brandon as played by Alan Rickman. Okay, sure, it was the film and not the book, but Rickman was very… what’s the word, erect– in character, and consistently so. Darcy had character, but it was flagging in the wind when he made the “proposal.”

      Darcy: I have fought against judgement, my family’s expectation, inferiority of your birth, my rank. I will put them aside and ask you to end my agony.


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      1. I think there is something both admirable and endearing about him going against everything to be with her. However if someone was so conflicted about circumstances surrounding our being together I would rather pass.

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      2. Maybe it would be even more admirable if the conflict to himself and just said, “Libby Bennet you are magnificent, not my equal but my superior. I would be eternally edified if you would be my wife.”

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