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Behind the gate

Right after primary school I was sent off to a catholic boarding school in a semi-rural part of town. It promised a safe learning environment and ensured academic performance that would guarantee me a place in a good Kenyan university. To get there we drove through dusty streets filled with throngs of people going about their daily living. The thought of being away from home for so long both frightened and excited me. I found a little solace as I recalled the fun stories my cousins had told me about their time in boarding school. I took in a deep breath when we finally stopped at an imposing green metal gate guarded by a watchman. Behind it lay a serene, pristine and sterile compound that seemed unreal; a sharp contrast to the chaos that lay around it. A sense of foreboding came over me as the gate closed behind us in a loud bang.  It is in the place that I would question if truly cleanliness lay next to godliness.

Behind the Gate




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